Voice Recognition in Flash 10

The following video demonstrates a new “voice gesture” library targeting the Flash Platform. As you might have guessed, those “voice gestures” are pretty much like “mouse gestures” but they are activated by voice only. I guess it uses some kind of voice learning/recognition algorithm. I can’t stress enough how trhilled I am to see this kind of new and powerful software coming to Flash. This enables a whole new kind of usages and applications…

Voice Gesture from didier.brun on Vimeo.

AIR 2.0 Sneak Peek

Tonight I attended the “TonTon Flexeurs” (TTFX) meeting with Lee Brimelow and Mike Chambers. While Lee explained all the things that can be done to extend the Flash Platform using the ByteArray class, Mike presented a few of the latest as3corelib library features and a sneak peek of AIR 2.0. AIR 2.0 – codename “Athena” – will feature a lot of new system related updates. Discover a few of them (including a worldwide exclusive!) right after the jump…

You can also look at Michael Chaize‘s event photo album on Flickr!
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