aerys-monitor library updated

The aerys-monitor is a small and lightweight library inspired of Mr.Doobs “stats” library. Here are the main features :

  • watch any property of any object of any class
  • customizable update rate
  • cutomizable per-property color
  • chart rendering for numeric values
  • watch framerate, memory and Flash Player version
  • ready to use framerate property

The Monitor class has been updated with the following changes :

  • Flash player version style is now called “version”
  • new property “backgroundColor” to change the background color of the monitor
  • new “framerate” to get the framerate of your application
  • the framerate and memory usage are now monitored by default

Here is a sample snippet to show how simple it is to use :

And here is how it looks :

The library is under GNU v3 licence and is available on Google Code. Have fun !

funanbulle, our #air24h application!

The Adobe 24H Challenge was last friday and the application the 14 teams created are already online. You can see all the available applications on the official website.

Our application is called “funanbulle”. The goal of the application is to allow families to create their own micro virtual world and gather. We wanted to show what such virtual worlds would look like. The idea was to enable people to share and chat in real time with a fun and engaging user experience.

funanbulle, Aerys' #air24h challenge contribution

The application is nothing more than a proof of concept. If we had enough time, we would have added lots of feature like:

  • Audio chat
  • Photos and videos sharing
  • Interactive objects to trigger applications (games, sharing applications, etc…)

In the end, we had just enough time to build a 3D chat. But I think it was a lot of fun and it looks really nice! Here is a quick video to show what funanbulle is about and how it works:

This video was made by Michael Chaize to show the 14 applications created during the contest.

Click here to get setup instructions and special features.

Aerys joins the 24H Adobe AIR Challenge

The 24H Adobe AIR Challenge is a 24 hours long contest that will take place the 18th of June in Paris, France.

During this coding challenge, 15 teams of two people will have to build the best AIR application regarding a precise subject. This very subject will be unveiled as the competition starts.

The challenge will be broadcasted live from

Aerys is very proud to join the competition and we hope to see you there!

And here are a few useful links (in French) :

AIR 2.0 HTTP Web Server

AIR 2.0 brings a lot of new features. Among them is the new ServerSocket class. The Socket class exists since Flash 9 and enabled a lot of new client/server applications. But it has always been limited to client side sockets as long as AIR (and the Flash Platform as a whole for that matter) is concerned. Therefor, this new server socket feature makes it possible to build actual server software using AIR!

Rich of this new and incredible ability, Christophe Coenraets posted a small but yet very powerful code snippet to build an HTTP web server using AIR 2.0!

AIR 2.0 Sneak Peek

Tonight I attended the “TonTon Flexeurs” (TTFX) meeting with Lee Brimelow and Mike Chambers. While Lee explained all the things that can be done to extend the Flash Platform using the ByteArray class, Mike presented a few of the latest as3corelib library features and a sneak peek of AIR 2.0. AIR 2.0 – codename “Athena” – will feature a lot of new system related updates. Discover a few of them (including a worldwide exclusive!) right after the jump…

You can also look at Michael Chaize‘s event photo album on Flickr!
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