New Minko demonstration: Citroen DS3

Update: The actual application is available here.

The above video demonstrates what Minko is capable of:

This application simple car customizer was created using Minko, a new 3D engine targeting the Adobe Flash Platform. The exhibited car is a Citroën DS3 with more than 150 000 polygons. It is rendered with dynamic lighting and reflection effects (use arrow keys to move the light, see the “Controls” section for more details). The car is made of close to 400 different objects (wheels, buttons, lights, …).

This application uses:

  • a 3DS file parser
  • a high polygon car model, with close to 400 different objects
  • dynamic Phong lighting with specular effect
  • reflection effect with dynamic spherical environment mapping
  • lighting/reflection blending using multipass
  • multiple cameras in a single scene (inside/outside the car)
  • up to 300 000 polygons rendered per frame

The actual application will be released tomorrow during Adobe Lightning Talks.

Back from Adobe “Retour de MAX” 2010

I was at “Retour de MAX” (“Back from MAX”) 2010 – an Adobe France event – to present Molehill, the new 3D API for the Flash Platform, alongside Adobe’s web consultant David Deraedt. The goal was to present the technical details about Molehill and the pros and cons of the API. We also wanted to demonstrate how Minko, our 3D engine, adds all the features Flash developers might expect when dealing with 3D.

We also presented a worldwide premiere demonstration of the new Flash 3D capabilities right in the browser (Internet Explorer 8 in this case). This experiment follows my work on rendering Quake 2 environments with Flash 10 using Minko. Of course, the new Molehill 3D API and the next version of Minko built on top of it makes this kind of work a lot easier. For this demonstration, we chose to present a Quake 3 environment viewer using HD textures provided by the ioquake3 project. Here are some screenshots (more screenshots on the Aerys website):

Video and more details right after the jump…

Please support Aerys for the Adobe AIR 24H Challenge

That’s it! The challenge is on, every challenger knows his opponents… In 8 days, we will unleash Minko and our secret project to conquer the world… or at least the Flash platform!

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Aerys joins the 24H Adobe AIR Challenge

The 24H Adobe AIR Challenge is a 24 hours long contest that will take place the 18th of June in Paris, France.

During this coding challenge, 15 teams of two people will have to build the best AIR application regarding a precise subject. This very subject will be unveiled as the competition starts.

The challenge will be broadcasted live from

Aerys is very proud to join the competition and we hope to see you there!

And here are a few useful links (in French) :

Flash 10.1 gets a release date

In reaction to Steve Jobs’ latest outrageous declarations, Kevin Lynch himself announced the release date of Flash 10.1 for Android devices:

“We look forward to delivering Flash Player 10.1 for Android smartphones as a public preview at Google I/O in May, and then a general release in June. From that point on, an ever increasing number and variety of powerful, Flash-enabled devices will be arriving which we hope will provide a great landscape of choice.”

You can read is full post here : Moving Forward.

From what I’e heard from Adobe so far, Flash 10.1 for the desktop should be released before the Android version. Meaning we can expect Flash 10.1 desktop to be released in May…

Update: In the following Wall Street Journal interview, Shantanu Narayen – Adobe’s CEO – also comments Steve Jobs declarations and says Flash 10.1 will be released June 17th (3’10):