XPS 13 “Developer Edition” Microphone Fix

It seems the microphone doesn’t work out of the box on the XPS 13 “Developer Edition”. Worse, you’ll actually need to re-compile your kernel to make it work… at least the patches are easy to find thanks to Dell’s “Project Sputnik” leader Barton George:

I used those on the Linux 4.0.2 (stable) kernel, recompiled, installed… and voilà! The microphone works!

Hopefully those fixes will soon be in the kernel main line…

  • Mario Limonciello

    Just some correction, it does work out of the box on the developer edition. A separate ALSA package is included. The patches have been included upstream now too.

    • frabcus

      It doesn’t work for me! I have the Developer Edition, with only Ubuntu, and Microphone doesn’t work.

      Which Kernel package and which ALSA package should I be using?

      Maybe some other updates has jumped me over to a stock one?

      • Mario Limonciello

        On the developer edition it’s included in the oem-audio DKMS package. This package works with kernel 3.13.*. If you’ve jumped to a 3.16 or 3.19 based kernel it won’t work anymore.

        If you are still having problems, please do contact ProSupport and they should be able to help to diagnose further.

        • Jean-Marc Le Roux

          The problem is you kinda “have to” update to 3.16 if you want intel pstate support for broadwell devices such as the XPS13. How can we update oem-audio DKMS?