Minko 3 beta 1 is live!


Good news everyone!

The long awaited beta for Minko 3 – codename “Normandy” – has arrived. This is the first of a series of 3 betas (precise roadmap will be puslished soon). Despite the fact it’s called beta, it’s already quite mature as we’ve recently used it for some commercial work.

So what’s included in this first beta?

  • HTML5, iOS, Windows, OS X and Linux targets through our complete cross-platform, extensible and configurable build system.
  • The Minko 3D graphics engine with support for a scene/components API, über-shaders, scripting and so much more…
  • Support for 70+ 2D/3D file formats.
  • Support for the Bullet physics engine.
  • Support for the Leap Motion and Oculus Rift devices.
  • A custom hardware accelerated particles engine.
  • Preliminary support for Lua scripting.
  • Support of Visual Studio 2013, Xcode and GNU Make
  • A custom and extensible scene (de)serializer with dedicated file formats for scenes, materials, etc…
  • Massive documentation, with a full developer reference, 50+ tutorials and a dozen example projects.

All of this is free. All of this is open source. And it leverages more than 20 open source projects to give you the most awesome things the community has been doing for the past decade.

Please refer to our documentation to get more details about the supported platforms and the available plugins.

Eager to get started?

Get started now!

Have fun, and please tell me any problem you encounter.