Fixing 2013 MacBook Air Ubuntu sound issue

Regarding my Ubuntu adventures for the latest MacBook Air 2013, I already posted about how to:

If you follow those two blog posts, you should end up with a very functional Ubuntu install and the linux 3.11-rc7 kernel working on your MacBook Air 2013. As we’ve already taken care of the Wi-Fi, the touchpad and the keyboard, two issues remain:

  • Brightness settings do not work as expected after suspend.
  • Sound does not work in the speakers (it works fine in the headset though)

In this post, we will see how to fix the second issue. And in order to make the speakers work we will have to patch the kernel and re-compile (yes, again!). Luckily, I have already explained everything you need to know so you’ll just have to follow the same procedure except you have to apply this patch before you re-compile.

When the new kernel is built, install it as usual and don’t forget to re-install the Wi-Fi driver module. Reboot and sound should now work fine!

Now sound is fixed, the brightness issue seams to be the last problem… please let me know if you find anything!

  • John Chamelle

    Hi, can you provide some details regarding the battery life when running ubuntu?
    i’m waiting for my new macbook air and i would like to completely switch to ubuntu, as i currently have my workflow there…

  • Nicolo’

    Hello. I know this might be of little interest to you, but I’m having a similar sound problem with an Apple macbookair1,1, namely the two mics are not working (for details, see ): basing on your expertise with your mba, do you have any advice on how to get the mic pins correctly recognized at kernel level?

    thanks and best,

  • Niorko


    Do you work on MB Air 6.1 as your main PC? Is everything going well? And what about battery life, is there any improvements since last update? :)) And lastly, do you think that 14.10 will fix all troubles? I really want to give Ubuntu a try.

    What do you think about that?
    Thank you…

    • Promethe


      I have a 6,2 that I use as my laptop and as a main PC a lot too. Ubuntu still has a few issues but nothing terrible. The battery life is approximately the same as MacOS I would say…

      But I’m using Jupiter. I guess it compensate the difference in “advanced” ACPI management with OSX.

  • Vikas Rawal

    I am planning to buy Macbook Air and install debian/ubuntu on it. Could you tell me if webcam works with ubuntu installed on it? I read in some other reviews that webcam won’t work but your description does not mention that problem.