Get the Minko 2 Developers Reference

Most of Minko’s source code is now documented in the 2.0b branch and you can download the developers reference with this link:

Minko 2.0b Developers Reference (28/06/2012)

But this documentation evolves with the code. And the code is updated every day. Of course, most of the changes are minor bug fixes and do not affect the documentation. Yet, it might be the case so we needed a way to:

  • be able to easily rebuild the updated developers reference when the ASDoc changes
  • give others the possibility to rebuild the documentation from the latest sources in case we do not provide the latest compiled version (which will happen since we won’t upload a new ZIP everyday)

This is why I’ve added all the required files to make it possible to build the developers reference with ANT:

  • The build.xml file contains an “asdoc” task to build the developers reference.
  • The file contains some customizable variables like the home directory of the Flex SDK to work with (you might need to customize this value in order to get the ANT tasks to work properly).
  • The doc-templates directory contains a custom documentation template that will evolve with Minko’s requirements.

If you have troubles working with the developers reference you can ask for help on Aerys Answers, Minko’s official support forum.