Minko 2 Collada Extension Available

We’ve just pushed the 2.0b branch for minko-collada on github, our Minko extension to load Collada files.

We’ve patched our Collada files loader to provide much faster parsing times. In our tests, some of the files now take up to 10 times less time to load. You can now load 100+MB *.DAE files containing 600 000 polygons and more, including animations.

Another important addition is that we now parse a lot more data about the materials. We are now able to load material values such as the reflectivity, shininess and more to make it easier for the artists to customize the rendering using their favorite CAO tool.

A small patch will soon will soon not only read this data but use it properly to match the requirements of the new version of the lighting engine (minko-lighting). This patch should be available with the 2.0b branch of minko-lighting, which should be released at the end of next week.

Still, it’s very important to remember that material settings and edition are very different matters whether you consider real-time or pre-computed 3D rendering. Thus, Minko Studio and Minko ShaderLab will always be the best way to work on real-time materials:

In this video you see how in just 30 minutes we go from a simple 3D shape to a photo-realistic rendering using only Minko Studio. Using code only, this operation would take hours, if not days.

We’re dedicated to make those tools user friendly for the artists in order to provide a smooth developer/designer workflow to target both mobile, web and desktop platforms. Minko Studio is currently being tested by multiple game developers around the world and we’ve received very positive feedback.

We’ve also fixed a lot of minor bugs. It was also updated to fit Minko 2 new APIs of course. If you have questions or suggestions, you can post in the comments or on Aerys Answers using the minko-collada tag.