Minko on the iPad/iPhone

Tom Krcha – Adobe gaming evangelist – was kind enough to recompile my previous benchmark to see how it performs on the iPad:

Half a million polygons is not too bad! It’s actually far enough to build amazing 3D games. If you want to see a live application, here you have the 3D data visualization globe demo compiled for the iPad/iPhone:

The application loads 35 000 geo-localized hot spots and uses Minko’s streams API to create the corresponding 3D geometry dynamically. You can find the code on Aerys’ GitHub. A beta for Minko 2 should be available this week on GitHub. Stay tuned!

  • Bart

    Can’t wait for the beta of Minko 2, sweet stuff 🙂

  • ray

    Can’t wait for that exellent job!

  • Jozefx

    I have tried compiling this demo using the latest available Minko from Github (1.2 I think). I have got it to work easily as a desktop Air app using 3.2RC Air framework. However, when I compile and test the iPad version, it doesn’t render the globe. Is this normal and to be expected due to using 1.2 Minko? Do I need to wait for 2.0 to get it to work on iOS and Android? Or is it a problem with Air 3.2RC?

    • Promethe


      here is the answer you are looking for:

      “I got error when tried run google globe example as mobile application” on Aerys Answers

      Bonne soirée,

      • Jozefx

        Thank you, and holy crap does this thing work ever so smooth on the iPad! I change the framerate limiter in the code to 60, and it’s *rock solid* 60FPS on the iPad 2 and the New Ipad now. Wow, Flash sure has come a long way since the first clumsy steps when even the basic animations would chug when exported to iOS.

        I had to make sure all these parameters are as follows. Changing just what you told me wasn’t enough, the fullScreen also needed to be set at false for some reason


        Also, since I’m using the Flash Professional to compile, I had to make sure to make the -app.xml file read-only after I made these changes. Otherwise Flash would overwrite the renderMode parameter putting ‘GPU’ in there, which caused compiling error when combined with depthAndStencil parameter.

      • Jozefx

        Sorry, parameters have to be like this:


        except of course, there should be a Less-Than character instead of [ and Greater-Than instead of ]

      • Jozefx

        I’ve also been trying to compile another demo – Minko Gravity Demo. However, despite using the latest jiglib, at least one required file seem to be missing:


        which is being imported in several Gravity Demo classes. I tried search for this file using google, but no luck.