Learn how to write ActionScript shaders

UPDATE (3/1/2012): As promised, I added two more tutorials to the list.
UPDATE (13/3/2013): Updated the links to the new doc.

I’ve been promising tutorials about Minko’s ActionScript shaders feature for quite some time now. But today, I finally got enough time to write two of them:

If you have questions regarding ActionScript shaders, you can ask them on Aerys Answers. You also can look at the AS3 Shaders examples thread to get more ActionScript shader samples. I’m very happy to see some people have already started working on their own shaders using the examples provided in the demonstrations.

More tutorials will be available soon, especially about how to sample one or multiple textures and how to use styles to tune the input parameters of a shader. A technical article will also explain in depth how ActionScript shaders actually work: the JIT compiler, the data structures, the optimizations…

Stay tuned!