Minko “Shader Lab” Alpha Preview 1

Working on shaders might be one the most complicated – and yet most essential – tasks when it comes to the new Stage3D API features in Adobe Flash 11. This is why Minko features ActionScript 3.0 shaders. This feature makes it possible to do GPU programming using nothing more than good old ActionScript. You can already try this feature and start working with Minko today.

But today I want to present an early alpha preview of one of the tools we will release with the next version of Minko: the Shader Lab. The idea is simple: provide a visual environment to create, test and debug shaders without doing any programming. The tool will feature a lot of higher level operations to make it possible for artists to work on complex shaders and materials.

You can see the Shader Lab in action in the following video:

In the last two examples, we show how sound can be sampled and streamed to the GPU to tune the geometry without any actual programming skills.

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  • Unfortunately, in Australia we can’t view this video because of copyright… this is the message I get from YouTube about it: This video contains content from BecauseMusic and UMG, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

    Am really excited about shader lab… any way we can get our hands on an early release to start playing 😉