• It’s almost end of the year… Christmas Time? 😉

    • That would be a sweet present! 😛

      About “inconsistency”, I respectfully disagree. Enabling users to develop cross-platform applications is a good thing but one must still be able to target a precise system and use all the ressources it provides. Take the G-sensor for example: computer do not have it but it is present in the Flash Player 10.1 anyway. It should be the same with the 3D hardware acceleration. Plus hardware acceleration can always be software emulated whereas a G-sensor can not.

      I’ve heard hardware acceleration was enabled for mobile devices first to compensate their lack of GPU power. It sounds like a logical explanation to me. But enabling it on an OpenGL ES/DirectX Mobile powered mobile device must be harder than actually enabling it on a “standard” OpenGL 2.0/DirectX desktop. To my knowledge, the mobile APIs are subsets of their desktop version. So what works with OpenGL ES/DirectX Mobile should work on the desktop…

  • What you saying make sense and I hope so too, But Adobe keep slicing a bread 😉
    Hope I’m wrong in this case.